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All about Australia

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Somewhere at the Edge of the Ocean... ——————————————————————————— Here’s just another one of those amazing spots along the east coast of Australia that makes you go WOW! How lucky are we to live in such an amazing country that has such fantastic coastline and natural beauty? This spot is near Caves Beach which is super cool. Newcastle folksmust know this place well. I reckon those houses would have a nice view...” 📷 #anycanal

City views from Hobsons Bay...” 📷 anycanal

This is the final shot from my Great Ocean Road trip. I know, 24hrs+ driving, 6 days, and $600 for 4 photos... not the best stats. I took quite a few more but i don't like them, so on the hard drive they will stay. I hope you have enjoyed the 4 shots I've selected!” 📷 Anycanal

Moody evenings in Sydney, one of the best places to close out the day ✌️” 📷 Anycanal

A long exposure capture of Green Point bathed in golden sunrise light. This image was a nightmare to capture. The combination of an incoming tide, a strong onshore breeze and a relentless mist whipped up from the strong winds and decent swell resulted in myself and camera leaving Greenies dripping with sea water. Luckily for me I don’t rust. Wish I could say the same for my camera. Even after a thorough clean, I’m worried it wasn’t enough.Time will tell..” 📷 #anycanal

Very serene conditions this morning. Even managed to get the 70-200 out for a change ☺” 📷 #anycanal

I’d lost count on how many times I’ve driven past staring at this old shed set back in a paddock not far from home. It finally got the better of me so I asked permission to go onto the property to photograph it. This afternoon I had seen that the sky had potential for some colour and fortunately all the cattle were out of the shed paddock. All I had to do was find the best usable composition and wait for the light. Love it when a plan comes together.” 📷 #anycanal

Magnificent Bronte 💜 📷 Anycanal

Fern Falls 🌿 📷 Anycanal

Slow take off on a very cool early morning 😌👍 📷 anycanal

After an incredible few weeks in the Kimberly we're sadly leaving the region today as we start to head south from Broome.⁣ ⁣ Lake Argyle was our first stop in the Kimberly. It's Western Australia's largest man-made freshwater lake. When it's full it holds enough water to fill the Sydney harbor 21 times! At sunset, the tips of the rolling hills on the little islands light up as the colours in the sky put on a real show, as it does in the Kimberly. ⁣ ⁣ Sad to be leaving but excited to share some more photos from this amazing place." 📷 #Anycanal

Spending our days discovering rock pools and enjoying Western Australia’s wild beauty 🦀🐠🐙 📍Injidup Bay, Yallingup 📷 #Anycanal

Natures Window Kalbarri 📷 #Anycanal

Waiting for new adventures.. 📷 #Anycanal

The otherworldly rock formations at Cape Woolami just need to be experienced in person... 📷 #Anycanal

Esperance, you’re a sight for sore eyes 💙 📷 #Anycanal

Aussie countryside letter box ✉️📮 📷 #Anycanal

Ok mum!! I'm ready! Let's go! 😀🐨 📷 #anycanal

DIESEL AND DUST!! Do you recognise this old farm house? The cottage was built in the 1920s and made famous on the cover of Midnight Oils Diesel and Dust album. It was also used as a backdrop for the Qantas children's choir commercial and voted 2nd best view in Australia. We penciled in a quick stop here for a Sunset on our way back home 📷 #Anycanal

What a way to start the day, hows did yours look??? 🏖🌅🚁 📷 #Anycanal